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Invested in our community and in you.

Since 1943, we’ve been invested in the success of our customers and the communities we serve. When we sit on a committee or board for a local organization, participate in a community fundraiser or volunteer our time to teach school children how to save, each STAR employee uses his or her talents to shape the community and improve the overall well-being and prosperity of the area.

Donations & Sponsorships

As a financial supporter, we assist hundreds of non-profit organizations and we are especially focused on giving in three areas - Arts, Education and Economic Development. If you are interested in receiving financial aid or a donation, please submit a Corporate Giving Request.

Corporate Giving Request

Financial Literacy

At STAR, we believe that banking and education go hand in hand. From the first connection with our customers, we are their Trusted Advisors; listening to their needs, and then guiding them through options to determine what works best for their lifestyle and financial security. Financial education extends into the community. As a local bank dedicated to the community, STAR believes it's our responsibility to invest in our customers and provide tips and advice for managing finances. That's why we developed Smart Money, a financial education initiative.

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Staying connected with you socially.

STAR maintains an active social media presence on a variety of web sites. We encourage everyone to be a good neighbor - and use common courtesy, be respectful of others and follow our guidelines to foster healthy social communities while protecting your privacy.

Social Media Community Guidelines