Account Reconciliation Origination

Our Full and Partial Account Reconciliation service saves you time and money by automating many of your reconciliation activities and providing flexible reporting options to best suit your needs. 

  • Enjoy customized service. With optional reports, flexible sorting and subtotaling, and a variety of input and output media, you can easily adapt the account reconciliation ARP service to meet your company's operational needs. 
  • Reduce accounting costs. Because our dedicated posting and reconciliation systems perform many of your reconciliation tasks, you save time and labor expense. 
  • Increase cash control. Monitor the activity in all of your STAR checking accounts by setting up optional reports on a daily, weekly or semi-monthly schedule. 
  • Strengthen your internal controls. Unlike a regular checking account, all stop payment activity on your account is reported on your statement. And with Full ARP, all check transactions are reported back to you on your statement - whether voided, stopped or issued. 
  • Simplify deposit reconciling. Add Deposit Location Reporting to either your Full or Partial ARP account, with a tailored Deposit by Location report containing additional detail and summary deposit information also available. 
  • Utilize Account Archive and eliminate the need to store checks. 
  • Receive quick responses. Gain online access to more than 100 days of history for all posted transactions. 
  • Enjoy complete convenience. A change in your STAR account number is not required to start this service. 
  • Tie in Positive Pay with Full ARP for the ultimate in fraud protection.