Checking / Savings

STAR's business checking and savings accounts are flexible enough to work for everything from small proprietorships to large corporations. Plus our Treasury Management services provides a myriad of electronic money management tools to keep you in control of your cash flow position.

Business -Checking

Your business requires a checking account that offers flexibility for your needs. We understand. That's why STAR's business checking was designed to be flexible enough to work for everything from small proprietorships to large corporations. Fees are based on activity level and can be offset with corresponding balances. E-statements come standard with your STAR checking account along with the ability to view your statements online. Visit our Treasury Management page to review the variety of money management services available to you as a STAR client.

Business Checking Accounts

STAR First Business Account
STAR is proud to offer businesses an account specifically designed to meet low to moderate volume checking needs. The STAR First Business checking account is available to all commercial, sole proprietor and not-for-profit organizations. 

Your STAR First Business account gives you the ability to originate payroll/direct deposit and other ACH transactions through STAR online banking. Additionally, if you are looking for a short-term investment option, you can choose to have the excess funds in your STAR First Business account swept into our Business Investment Sweep account. 

Commercial Checking
This account is designed for the commercial customer who uses a larger volume of bank services. If you write a large number of checks or make a substantial number of deposits, a commercial checking account may be right for you. All commercial checking accounts receive a special earnings credit to offset monthly fees associated with that month's transactions as well as and other Treasury Management services. The earnings credit is calculated on the amount of net investable funds you have on deposit, and is applied to monthly service charges. 

Additional Business Accounts

Business Line of Credit
Regardless of the size of your business, a line of credit is often essential to your daily operations.  We Understand. That's why we offer credit lines so you can meet your company's ever changing cash flow demands. 

Lines of credit can be established to finance the working capital needs of your business to finance accounts receivable and inventory plus other short-term needs. Your STAR business banker will tailor a line of credit to fit your unique needs. 

Equipment Finance and Leasing 
Because we know that purchasing vs. leasing isn't always an easy decision, STAR employs leasing experts who can evaluate your unique situation. To discuss the benefits of leasing for capital purchases, contact your STAR business banker.

Business Investment Sweep 
STAR's Business Investment Sweep gives you the ability to put idle funds in your STAR First Business account to work for you. The Business Investment Sweep is a daily repurchase agreement, collateralized by US Treasury and US Agency securities, that provides a simple, worry-free way to increase your earnings with a very competitive interest rate and a low monthly maintenance fee.


Business -Savings
Your business needs access to emergency funds. We understand. That's why STAR offers a way for your company to earn a competitive interest rate while allowing easy access to your funds through various methods, including unlimited ATM withdrawals and access to online banking. The Business Savings account features a low monthly service fee that can be waived by maintaining a minimum balance. Contact a business banker for more information.



Your business needs quick access to finds, while still earning a higher interest rate. We understand. That's why we offer STAR's Business Money Market Account that offers a higher rate and the liquidity of a short-term investment. Let a STAR business banker help you decide if this account is right for you.

  • Rates increase with higher balances
  • Ready access to emergency funds 
  • Maximum of six withdrawals per month
  • $2,500 minimum balance to avoid $8.00 service charge
  • 35 free deposited items 



Preferred Liquidity

You need the balance of ready access to your funds and premium rates on larger balances. We understand. That's why STAR offers the Preferred Liquidity Fund which gives you the best of both worlds-the freedom to make penalty-free withdrawals plus a higher interest rate indexed to the market.

  • Indexed rates ensure your funds move with the market
  • Rates increase with higher balances
  • Interest is paid monthly
  • No monthly maintenance fee when minimum balance is met 
  • 35 free deposited items
  • Minimum deposit to open is $25,000


Checking/Savings Options

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