Electronic Check Recovery

Get more of the money you're owed-without more work. Accepting checks from your customers is necessary, but it can be risky. We understand. That's why STAR is pleased to offer ReSubmitIt® electronic check recovery service. This free service utilizes proven RCK (electronic re-presentment) technology to help you collect more money from NSF checks, while you spend less time and resources on the collection process. With ReSubmitIt®, bad check collection is no longer such a burden. You get 100% of the face value of all checks collected, and there are no set-up fees and no equipment to buy. 

Using ReSubmitIt® is effortless. Instead of returning NSF checks to you for collection, STAR automatically sends them to the ReSubmitIt® check processing center, where eligible checks are re-presented electronically and discreetly to the check writer's bank account. Historically, ReSubmitIt® collects 70-75% of these checks. Once the funds are collected, you get the full face value of the check, which is automatically deposited into your bank account. What does that mean for you? You spend more time serving your customers, and less time making phone calls and sending letters. You can even track the status of your checks online.

If you have any questions about the ReSubmitIt® electronic check recovery service, please Contact a Business Banker or e-mail ReSubmitIt® at support@resubmitit.com.