Compliance is important in today's business client.We understand. With STAR's comprehensive compliance review solution, 401 (okay), you will have a review of your 401 (k) plan completed compliments of STAR and our plan consultants Freedom One. This review is absolutely free and will give you peace of mind that you have the program you and your employees deserve.

The STAR 401(okay) compliance solution will educate you on the strengths and weaknesses of your program. The result provides you with renewed control over your plan and the information to make prudent decisions. These decisions will not only satisfy your obligations under ERISA, but provide your employees with a greater likelihood for a successful retirement.

Our no-obligation evaluation delivers these critical elements:

Fiduciary Compliance 
We compare your plan to the Department of Labor's expectations.

Investment Quality
We review the quality and appropriateness of your plan's investment options. We analyze investment styles, fund style adherence, asset allocation models or lifestyle funds and compare each fund to an appropriate "peer group."

Employee Asset Allocation
We examine investment choices your employees make. Independent studies suggest asset allocation is the most important element of a successful retirement strategy, making up to 90 percent of an investor's return over time.

Employee Education and Communication
We review the effectiveness of your employee education program. We analyze participation and contributions and provide a summary of your employee's retirement preparedness.

Fees and Expenses
We help you fulfill one of your most important ERISA responsibilities which is to identify all plan expenses, evaluate their value and determine what is reasonable for the services provided.


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