Equipment Finance & Leasing

STAR provides the widest range of equipment leases and loans for all types of commercial vehicles and equipment. When your business is faced with choosing whether to lease or buy equipment, the experienced professionals at STAR Equipment Finance will provide you both the products and advice you can use to make an informed business decision - one that offers the most advantages to your unique business position. No one takes more time to listen and understand your true needs than STAR.

Commercial Equipment Leasing
STAR provides a variety of business leasing services that make sound business sense. You get the equipment you need now, and you preserve your capital. STAR can structure your:

  • Finance Lease
  • Capital Lease
  • Conditional Sale
  • TRAC Lease
  • Operating Lease
  • Sale Leaseback

Commercial Equipment Loans
We will provide expert advice, flexibility and competitive rates. Whether you need long- or short-term financing, variable or fixed rates, full or balloon amortizations, STAR provides a full array of options to tailor the equipment loan to your needs.

Municipal Leasing
STAR’s leasing professionals have years of experience structuring competitive transactions that meet municipal leasing guidelines for both bank qualified and non-bank qualified leases.

Why lease?
When it comes to financing, leasing provides some real advantages over other capital asset funding choices:

  • Convenient financing – Select your equipment, negotiate a price and our experienced staff will handle the rest.
  • Preserve your capital – A STAR lease allows for upfront deposits and progress payments that conserve your working capital.
  • Preserve your credit lines – A lease allows you to keep your credit lines open for other needs.
  • Modernize and save – A STAR lease allows you to update equipment when needed so you avoid costly repairs.
  • Immediate response – Get the funding you need now and structure lease rentals or loan payments that fit within existing budgets without waiting for new appropriations or fiscal years.
  • Potential tax advantages – A lease can be structured with your tax situation in mind, but always consult with your tax advisor to make sure these additional tax benefits are appropriate for you.
  • Flexible terms – STAR’s diverse lease solutions offer terms that range from 12 to 84 months depending upon the age, type and usage of equipment.

Additional Options

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