Treasury Management

You need to spend more time running your business and less time managing your cash flow. With STAR Bank, we have a premier suite of business solutions designed to help you optimize your accounts receivable and payable functions. Whether it's payroll services, merchant processing or wire transfers, STAR offers innovative solutions that will benefit your business. It's all about creating and cultivating strong partnerships.

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ACH Origination

Want to reduce your paperwork, regulate your cash flow and make fewer trips to the bank? STAR has one of the most advanced Automated Clearing House (ACH) systems in the country. Our service allows you to initiate and manage a wide variety of transactions quickly and conveniently. All you need is a STAR checking account and we'll take care of the rest. You can use ACH services to electronically deposit payroll checks in employees' accounts, charge tenants for rent, charge membership dues and consolidate or disperse funds. 

Direct Deposit

Take advantage of the added convenience of direct deposit for depositing net pay, reimbursements, commissions, retirement plan payments, pension benefits, dividends and other payments into the checking or savings accounts of employees, retirees and shareholders. It’s a great way for employees to experience the convenience and security of uninterrupted, paperless payments. 


Pre-authorized payments allow companies to electronically debit customers’ accounts and maximize availability of funds by replacing conventional paper invoicing. This ensures correct payments are received in a timely manner. 


With ACH Payments, you can electronically pay vendors and suppliers directly while tracking the funds and receipts. 

Account Reconciliation Origination

Full and Partial Account Reconciliation services save you time and money by automating many of your reconciliation activities and providing flexible reporting options to best suit your needs. 

  • Enjoy customized service. With optional reports, flexible sorting and subtotalling, and a variety of input and output media, you can easily adapt the Account Reconciliation Plan (ARP) service to meet your company's operational needs.
  • Reduce accounting costs. Because our dedicated posting and reconciliation systems perform many of your reconciliation tasks, you save time and labor expense.
  • Increase cash control. Monitor the activity in all of your STAR checking accounts by setting up optional reports on a daily, weekly or semi-monthly schedule.
  • Strengthen your internal controls. Unlike a regular checking account, all stop payment activity on your account is reported on your statement. And with a Full ARP account, all check transactions are reported back to you on your statement - whether voided, stopped or issued.
  • Simplify deposit reconciling. Add Deposit Location Reporting to either your Full or Partial ARP account, with a tailored Deposit by Location report containing additional detail and summary deposit information also available.
  • Eliminate the need to store checks with Account Archive. View statements, checks written and all deposited items for one or more of your business accounts using Account Archive, STAR’s document delivery service.
  • Receive quick responses. Gain online access to more than 100 days of history for all posted transactions.
  • Get the ultimate in fraud protection. Tie in Positive Pay with Full ARP. 

Electronic Data Interchange

STAR Bank can help you make the most of today's sophisticated data technology options. Our innovative and industry-leading electronic commerce, information reporting and other technology solutions will make your treasury management more efficient. 

BAI-2 Format

Receive reconciliation data transmitted daily in this widely accepted standard format. 

Text Files

Receive only the information that is important to you with customized files for your reconciliation process.


If timely collection of payments is critical to your business, this comprehensive, flexible remittance banking service can substantially streamline your accounts receivable function. Use this remittance processing system to optimize mail payment processing and to improve the flow of information. With our online browser, electronic images of checks and remittance documents can be viewed online.

Merchant Card Processing

Grow your business by offering your customers the option of paying by debit or credit card. Merchant Card Processing enables you to accept debit or credit cards online or at point of sale. Your business can accept credit and debit cards from MasterCard® and Visa®, with the option of adding Discover®, American Express® and Diners Club®.

Online Banking

When you run a business, every minute counts. STAR Bank has maximized our business online banking so you can manage finances, transfer funds, pay bills, set user permissions and more from the convenience of your computer. Online Banking is easy to use and you can:

  • View accounts
  • View current transactions
  • Transfer funds
  • Send wires
  • Set up stop payments
  • Make loan payments
  • Check deposit and loan account interest rates
  • Originate ACH items
  • Download information to various popular software formats
  • Set up a payment schedule to automatically pay bills 



Payroll Services

Lower payment-processing costs, improve cash control and increase employee satisfaction by offering time-saving benefits, like direct deposit and other electronic services. We work with all third party processors. 

Direct Deposit 

Payroll Direct Deposit, part of STAR’s Business Online Banking, is used by many employers to pay employees by directly depositing payroll funds into each employee’s personal account. You’ll save considerable expense when compared to paying by check plus reduce lost check exposure, risk of fraudulent activity, and stop payment and check reissue expenses.

Positive Pay

Manage check fraud risk with a combination of our Account Reconciliation Plan (ARP) and Positive Pay service. We match your check issue information with data captured from the checks presented for payment against your account. Benefits include:

  • Avoid reputational risk associated with fraudulent checks created with your company's identity.
  • Steer clear of the potential burden of recovering from an identity theft event.
  • Reduce your exposure to fraud. Identify unauthorized transactions-including counterfeit or altered checks-before final payment.
  • Protect against over-the-counter encashment of unauthorized items.
  • Experience easy integration with integrated account reconciliation.
  • Take advantage of flexible transmission options including direct transmission and ARP Register maintenance.

Remote Deposit Capture

Having a bank on your desktop is now possible with Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) from STAR Bank. The benefits of RDC are tremendous, including:

  • No more driving to the bank to make a deposit.
  • Maximize your cash flow, security and efficiency.
  • Deposit to any of your STAR Bank accounts.
  • Review deposit history per customer.
  • Recall deposited check images.
  • It’s fast and simple to use. 

Sweep Accounts

At STAR, we work to make banking easier for you, so, what if all of your accounts automatically deposited into one account...without having to keep an eye on them? We offer a variety of sweep options that will help you manage your assets. 

Sweep to Line of Credit

Our Sweep to Line service helps optimize your day-to-day cash management by establishing an automated link between your business checking account and your line of credit. The Sweep to Line service automatically keeps your commercial checking account at the target balance you select and pays down or advances funds from your line of credit to meet daily cash needs. Benefits include:

  • Maximum cost savings and convenience
  • Complete automation
  • Superior account reporting 

STAR Bank Investment Sweep Account 

Collected balances are swept daily into an overnight repurchase agreement. Your selected target balance is maintained while excess funds are earning a competitive rate of interest. 

Zero Balance Account (ZBA)

After deposits and checks are presented for the day, an automatic transfer initiates, sweeping excess funds to or pulling funds from a master account to restore all sub-accounts to a zero balance. It is a cost-effective way to concentrate deposits and fund disbursements by establishing sub-accounts and target balances for each account.

Wire Transfers

Wires are a safe, convenient and easy way to transfer funds quickly. By using the Federal Reserve System to allow for immediate access to funds, you can enjoy faster, simpler and more convenient processing of same-day and future-dated domestic and foreign wire payments.

STAR's Wire Transfer service lets you: 


  • Send wires in US dollars or foreign currencies with real-time exchange rates.
  • Approve or reject multiple wires from a summary view of your pending wires.
  • Limit user access and also by amount.
  • Create templates with pre-authorized, predefined instructions or use a freeform transfer. 

International Wires

If you are seeking a resource to expedite the collection of international monies, looking to expand your international presence or simply thinking about getting into the international market…STAR can help.