Cash Management Services

Zero Balance Account 
A cost-effective way to concentrate deposits and fund disbursements by establishing subaccounts and target balances for each account.

Lockbox is one of the most beneficial cash management tools for companies that accept large volumes of payments because it's fast, accurate and flexible.. Companies of all sizes use this state-of-the-art remittance processing system to optimize mail payment processing and to improve the flow of information. With our online browser, electronic images of checks and remittance documents can be viewed by you or your designated employee online.

If timely collection of payments is critical to your business, contact a STAR business banker to see how a comprehensive, flexible remittance banking service can substantially streamline your accounts receivable function. 

Sweep to Line of Credit 
STAR's Sweep to Line service helps optimize your day-to-day cash management by establishing an automated link between your business checking account and your line of credit. The Sweep to Line service automatically keeps your commercial checking account at the target balance you select and pays down or advances funds from your line of credit to meet daily cash needs. 
Benefits include:

  • Maximum cost savings and convenience
  • Complete automation
  • Superior account reporting

Wire Transfer 
Wires are a safe, convenient and easy way to transfer funds quickly. The use of the Federal Reserve System allows for immediate access to funds.  Enjoy faster, simpler and more convenient processing of same-day and future-dated domestic and foreign wire payments. STAR's Wire Transfer service lets you: 

  • Send wires in US dollars or foreign currencies with real-time exchange rates 
  • Create multiple wires and initiate them with just a single click 
  • Approve or reject multiple wires from a summary view of your pending wires
  • Limit user access and daily limits
  • Create templates with pre-authorized, pre-defined instructions or use a freeform transfer 

If you are seeking a resource to expedite the collection of international monies, looking to expand your international presence or simply thinking about getting into the international market…STAR can help. We offer international wire transfer or International ACH transactions.

Remote Deposit Capture 
Having a bank within your business is now possible with Bank Within™, the Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) system from STAR. 

The benefits of Bank Within are tremendous, including: 

  • Enhanced cash flow
  • Improved employee efficiency
  • Reduced processing costs
  • Greater transaction security
  • Savings on couriers and transportation 

RDC may not be right for all businesses. That's why Bank Within™ features RightEval™, the no charge consultative process that helps you decide if RDC fits your situation. And Bank Within™ offers many features you won't find with other remote deposit capture systems including ContinuSure™, the automatic follow-up process that assures your company is utilizing Bank Within™ without difficulty. 

ACH Origination 
Automated Clearing House (ACH) services give businesses a quick and easy way to transfer funds to or from another financial institution. All you need is a STAR checking account and we'll take care of the rest. Businesses can use ACH services to automatically deposit payroll checks in employees' accounts, charge tenants for rent, charge membership dues and consolidate or disperse funds. Transfers can be made to any of the 15,000 banks, savings and loan institutions or credit unions that are members of the National Clearing House Association (NACHA). With ACH services, paperwork is reduced, cash flow is regulated and you and your employees make fewer trips to the bank.