Government Services

Learn how the STAR network of banking centers, ATMs, cash vault, wire transfer, Positive Pay, lockbox, business manager and electronic services, check representment (RCK), merchant card processing and collection/deposit services can help you manage your collection and depository needs.

Receive reconciliation data transmitted daily in this widely accepted standard format.

Text Files 
Receive only the information that is important to you with customized files for your reconciliation process.

Account Reconciliation 
Let STAR handle account reconciliation for you. Customized reports give you all the information needed for your accounting and bookkeeping without the bother of doing it yourself.

Positive Pay 
Managing check fraud risk is increasingly important to today's treasury managers. Through the combination of our Account Reconciliation Plan and Positive Pay service, we offer effective solutions to manage the business world's fastest growing financial risk -- check fraud. We match your check issue information with data captured from the checks presented for payment against your account.  

High Yield Public Funds Checking
This commercial checking account was developed exclusively for municipalities. It is a tiered product that offers higher yields, no restrictions, no maximum number of checks written and eliminates balancing a second sweep account.

STAR specializes in lockbox services to public entities. Our services offer a state-of-the-art remittance processing system that optimizes mail and processing float plus improves information flow. Fast, accurate and flexible, Lockbox is one of the most widely used cash management tools. Our online browser electronically brings you images of checks and remittance documents.

Preferred Liquidity Account
This is a high yield savings account that offers liquidity and higher rates for higher balances. This product is designed to meet short-term investment needs with no long-term commitment.

Certificates of Deposits
These investment options are competitively priced and offer flexible maturities, with a maximum maturity of two years for government entities.

Equipment Leasing
STAR employs experts in equipment finance and leasing to municipalities as an alternative to purchasing. To discuss the benefits of leasing, contact your STAR business banker.

Merchant Processing
Give your constituents the convenience of paying by debit or credit card. Merchant Processing enables your entity to accept debit or credit cards online or in your offices. Signing up for Merchant Processing through STAR allows you to accept debit or credit cards from MasterCard® and Visa®, with the option of adding Discover®, American Express® and Diners Club®.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) services are a quick and easy way to transfer funds to or from another financial institution. ACH is also available with EDI (electronic data interchange), which allows for not only transmitting funds electronically, but also the transmission of text messages.

Mutual Fund Sweep
This sweep option is available to all municipalities. Collected balances are swept daily into a AAA-rated Money Market fund.

Wire Transfer
Wires are a safe, convenient and easy way to transfer funds quickly. The use of the Federal Reserve System allows for immediate access to funds. 

Retainage Escrow Accounts
STAR is a state approved depository for Retainage Escrow accounts. The benefit of holding your escrow account at STAR over a municipality is that STAR will pay interest on the funds while they are on deposit whereas a municipality will not. Indiana state law states that reasonable fees may apply.

Direct Deposit
Direct Deposit service can reduce the costs of creating and distributing checks and reduce your exposure to check fraud. Cost-effective Automated Clearing House (ACH) credits enable you to deposit net pay, reimbursements, commissions, retirement plan payments, pension benefits, dividends and other payments into the checking or savings accounts of employees and retirees. Your payees experience the convenience and security of uninterrupted, paperless payments while spending less time on personal banking.

STAR Investment Sweep Account
Collected balances are swept daily into an overnight repurchase agreement. Your target checking balance is maintained while any surplus funds are automatically put to work for you.