Reconciliation Services

Learn how the STAR network of banking centers, ATMs, cash vault, wire transfer, Positive Pay, lockbox, business manager and electronic services, check representment (RCK), merchant card processing and collection/deposit services can help you manage your collection and depository needs.

Receive reconciliation data transmitted daily in this widely accepted standard format.

Text Files 
Receive only the information that is important to you with customized files for your reconciliation process.

Account Reconciliation 
Let STAR handle account reconciliation for you. Customized reports give you all the information needed for your accounting and bookkeeping without the bother of doing it yourself.

Positive Pay 

Managing check fraud risk is increasingly important to today's treasury managers. Through the combination of our Account Reconciliation Plan and Positive Pay service, we offer effective solutions to manage the business world's fastest growing financial risk -- check fraud. We match your check issue information with data captured from the checks presented for payment against your account.  

Benefits include:

  • Avoid reputational risk associated with fraudulent checks created with your company's identity
  • Steer clear of the potential burden of recovering from an identity theft event 
  • Reduced exposure to fraud. Identify unauthorized transactions-including counterfeit or altered checks-before final payment. 
  • Rest assured that Positive Pay at the teller counter of every STAR banking center helps protect against over-the-counter encashment of unauthorized items 
  • Experience easy integration with integrated account reconciliation   
  • Flexible transmission options including direct transmission and ARP Register maintenance


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