Work/Life Balance

You have needs beyond the workplace. We understand. STAR recognizes the importance of achieving and maintaining a balance between your career and your personal life. That's why we offer these benefits to full-time team members.

Managed Time Off
STAR provides flexible time known as Managed Time Off (MTO) for vacations, personal absence, and short-term periods of illness.

Paid Holidays
Each year 8 ½ paid holidays are observed by STAR.

Tuition Reimbursement
Participants in this generous program are pursuing Associate's, Bachelor's, or Master's degrees in job-related disciplines. Included are traditional, LEAP, and online programs of study.

Banking Benefits
STAR team members receive free or discounted rates on a wide variety of banking and insurance products.

Employee Assistance Program
Confidential resources provide support for team members struggling with personal or work-related concerns including personal relationships, caregiver help for aging relatives, and local childcare options.

Travel Assistance Program
Worldwide emergency travel assistance goes with you when you travel to a foreign country or just 100 or more miles from home. Services are available for simple to extreme travel emergencies.

Jury Duty
Team members receive paid time off to serve on jury duty.

Workplace Wellness
STAR's wellness program includes annual personal assessments including biometric testing. This confidential program is designed to better equip you to manage your health and lifestyle on a continuing basis.