STAR Cash Management

You've worked hard to build your savings. Let's help you safely grow your money with STAR Cash Management Services
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  • Most institutional money markets have a $10 million dollar minimum to participate. STAR Cash Management lets you have access to these markets with as little as $500,000.

  • Granted access to some of the best rates available.

  • Quick and easy sign up.

  • No cap on potential earnings.


Access to all short-term fixed income securities
    • US Government Agencies and Treasury Bills, Notes, and Bonds

    • Certificates of Deposit from thousands of US banks

    • Corporate bonds and commercial paper

    • US municipalities (taxable or tax-exempt)

Portfolios are custom-built for your needs
    • No models or commingled funds

    • Designed specifically in conversation with you

Fee-only structure
    • No sales charges, loads, kickbacks, commissions, etc.

    • Fee covers all services: custody, safekeeping, reporting, portfolio management, access to an entire team of professionals, etc.

    • Fee starts at 0.50% for the first $1 million, 0.38% for the next million, 0.33% for the next million, and 0.25% over $3 million

      • A $5 million account would average about 0.30% (30 basis points) per year

      • If you prefer a flat fee schedule or some other arrangement, please let us know