Certificates of Deposit

Short-term or long-term, whatever your need, you can be assured that your STAR CD will provide you with a great rate of return. CDs are safe investment solutions offering a guaranteed rate of return.

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Interest rates are subject to change and are established at opening and fixed for the term.

Available terms include:

  • 2-Week (STAR Power) *visit your nearest STAR branch to open
  • 1-Month *visit your nearest STAR branch to open
  • 3-Month *visit your nearest STAR branch to open
  • 6-Month
  • 9-Month
  • 1-Year
  • 15-Mont
  • 18-Month
  • 2-Year
  • 30-Month
  • 3-Year
  • 4-Year
  • 5-Year

**The Annual Percentage Yield for each CD will be referred to as the APY.**


STAR can help you understand and decide on the IRA that is right for you. An IRA is a great way to put money away for the future and save on taxes now. STAR IRAs earn a premium rate of interest while you save for your future. Even better, it's as easy to open, fund and manage. Let STAR show you how.

Variable Rate IRA Savings   

  • Interest rate is variable and may change daily 
  • Deposits may be made at any time

Fixed Rate IRA CDs 

  • Interest rate is established at opening and fixed for the term 
  • Available terms available range from 90 days to 5 years




You need security with your investments. We understand. That's why STAR can provide you access to multi-million dollar FDIC insurance through CDARS. With CDARS® your deposits are divided into amounts under the FDIC's dollar limit and placed into CDs. STAR requires a Money Market Account to fund CDARS. With CDARS you enjoy one bank, one rate and one statement, all with the safety, security and guidance from STAR.




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