Cisco Clientless SSL VPN Instructions

  1. From a non-STAR owned PC or laptop (this does not fully work on Apple IOS devices), open your browser and go to https://vpn-asa-fwsc.starfinancial.com.

  2. At the login page, click the drop-down and choose "STAR_Webvpn". Then type your normal network Username and Password provided by STAR Financial Bank and click LOGIN.


  3. When you are in the portal, you can use the bookmarks to navigate to resources, or use the buttons located on the left.


  4. To remote to your PC, click "Terminal Servers" on the left or choose rdp:// from the address drop-down. Type in your computer name and click BROWSE.


  5. To browse files/folders stored on STAR network drives, choose HOME then select "STAR Financial Bank/SFB Network Shares".


  6. When you are finished, click the LOGOUT button in the upper right-hand corner.    6