Business Insurance


Management needs to know they have the right insurance coverage at the right price with the right support when there’s a claim. We understand. That’s why more and more companies are turning to STAR. You don’t need a sales pitch. You need an expert partner who listens to you and learns about your needs. Someone who recognizes risk and helps you build a solid defense. STAR does all this and more to tailor the perfect insurance solution for you.

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Risk Management
At STAR, we focus on partnering with you to shift or eliminate risk, helping you improve your risk profile and protect your assets.

Inherent with all business processes and decisions is an element of risk.  Managing that risk can mean the difference between business success and failure.  We understand.  That's why STAR offers a proven process to uncover risk factors which may not be evident to busy managers or the ownership.  A customized risk management program from STAR can include assessments of workers' compensation and workplace safety, claims analysis, as well as loss control services.

If you manage an intermediate to large size company and would like to learn more about STAR's four-step risk management process, contact us today by selecting "Contact an Agent" below.  We will share with you how we can help identify and measure potential risk, as well as implement and monitor risk management strategies appropriate to your company.

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Specialty Insurance
STAR offers a variety of specialty insurance to meet your business needs. Custom policies include: property and builders risk, umbrella liability and more.

STAR offers a variety of specialty insurance options to meet your everyday business needs. Custom policies include: property and builder's risk, umbrella liability, medical malpractice, professional liability, employment practices liability, aviation, school and university, specialty property and much more. Contact a STAR Insurance Agent today to discuss your specialty insurance needs.

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Employee Benefits
STAR has developed programs that not only add banking value for your employees, but also provide tools to improve their financial lives.

Employees are your most valuable assets, and supporting their well-being is vital to helping you retain them. We understand.That's why STAR has developed a number of programs that not only add banking value and convenience for your employees, but also provide them with tools to improve their financial lives.

Group Life and Health

The group life and health component of your benefits package can be complicated and distract you from running your business. We understand. That's why STAR has experienced agents who will provide solutions to your employees that are informative and easy to understand. We offer solutions for:

  • Large and small group health plans
  • Individual health plans
  • 401(k) and 503(b) retirement plans and pension plans
  • Key man life policies
  • Buy-sell funding
  • Dental and vision
  • Disability
  • Health savings accounts

Business Life and Disability

Life and disability insurance coverage helps to protect your operation from the loss of the owner, whether it is from death or disability.  It can also act as a motivator to add experienced team members to your operation.  STAR offers a variety of business life and disability services to meet your strategic business needs. Contact a STAR Insurance Business Life & Disability Advisor for details.

Group Retirement Services

STAR partners with a number of qualified experts to deliver Defined Benefit Plans and Group Retirement Programs. Let us help you navigate through the various options and build a custom program to reward and retain your employees. To find out more, contact a STAR Insurance Group Retirement Advisor.

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Crop & Hail
Making the decision to protect your crops goes involves much more than simply selecting a policy when you work with STAR.

When you work with STAR, making the decision to protect your crops involves more than simply selecting a policy. It all begins with an agent who understands your business. At STAR we understand the importance of Crop and Hail insurance. Getting in touch with one of our top tier agents about insuring your crops takes less than one minute. Call us at 800-321-9633 or click the link below to request that one of our insurance professionals contact you directly. 

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STAR represents many of the major providers for both contract and financial surety bonds who can find a home for even difficult to bond accounts

STAR represents many of the major surety providers for both contract and financial surety bonds. We have dedicated surety professionals who work with our clients to ensure they are shown in the best light to the insurers. Our surety team also has access to many specialty carriers who can find a home for even the most difficult to bond accounts. Some of the bonds we provide include:

  • Construction performance and payment bonds
  • Subdivision bonds
  • License and permit bonds
  • Bankers blanket bonds
  • Tax bonds
  • Mechanics liens

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Annuities can serve many purposes, and can oftentimes be a simple way to guarantee income for you in your time of need.

You may be interested in annuities but you just don't know enough about them. We understand. That's why STAR is committed to guiding you through how annuities work and their advantages. An annuity is an interest-earning contract issued by an insurance company during which the insurance company makes a series of income payments at regular intervals in return for the premium paid. The annuity resembles a savings certificate because in both cases the money that is deposited earns a high rate of return. An annuity can be used to provide tax-favored income for various periods of time.

Tax advantages of an annuity:

  • Tax deferred growth and compounding within the annuity contract period
  • Guaranteed rates of return
  • Guaranteed lifetime payments if you annuitize
  • Fixed income payout options
  • Options on how to fund the annuity (all up front, via scheduled payments or deposits, etc.

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