Touch ID for the STAR Bank Mobile App

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Learn how to setup and use Touch ID, a fingerprint identity sensor that makes it easy for you to get into your device.

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Your fingerprint, secure and convenient

The new era of “password-less banking” is now upon us – and is currently available to our customers using iPhones® 5s, 6 and 6 Plus. Using built-in fingerprint (biometric) sensor technology, Touch ID allows you to log into the STAR Bank Mobile App with just the touch of a finger. By eliminating the need to input your username and password, we’ve made it even easier to access your accounts, all while building in an added layer of protection that’s not easily duplicated: your fingerprint. 

It’s another way our team is working harder for you...right here in Indiana.

To enable Touch ID for the STAR Bank Mobile app, follow these simple steps: 

STEP 01/04
Login to the STAR Bank Mobile app using your current username and password. Expand the Menu and select Settings › Security Preferences.STAR Bank mobile app menu screenshot on phone
STEP 02/04
Under Security Preferences, you'll see a toggle switch for Touch ID . Swipe toggle to ON.
Touch Authentication disclaimers will appear.
Security Preferences in STAR Bank mobile app screenshot
STEP 03/04
Enter your STAR Online Banking username and password and click Authorize.
Touch ID authentication screenshot
STEP 04/04
Place your finger to the Home button - but don't press.
Make sure to use the same finger (or thumb) you used during the initial Touch ID setup on your device.

Once your fingerprint has been verified, you will return to the Security Preferences menu. The Touch ID toggle will show now as ON.
Touch ID holding thumb to phone
Logging in using Touch ID
After enabling Touch ID on your device and within the STAR Bank Mobile app, you'll see the new login screen. Tap the fingerprint icon to authenticate your identity.
Touch ID login screen on mobile phone

Touch your finger to the Home button - but don't press. Make sure to use the same finger (or thumb) you used during the initial setup process.

Once your fingerprint is verified, your Account Dashboard will appear, allowing you to view your accounts as normal.
Touch ID screenshot holding finger to phone
NOTE: Currently, fingerprint login for the STAR Bank Mobile App is only available on compatible iOS devices. More phone makes and models will be available as each provider builds biometrics into their products.

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