Application Check List

Buying a home can be a little intimidating. We understand. That's why you need a local mortgage lender like STAR. We're with you every step of the way - from the loan application process through closing and beyond. 

After you have collected the items below, a STAR home loan specialist will meet with you to go over the information together. Once approved, STAR will issue you a commitment letter verifying your buying authority. You can use this commitment letter in your home buying search. 

  • Copy of fully executed sales contract, including Sales Disclosures and Lead Paint Disclosures 
  • Copies of your last two-months bank statements 
  • Copies of your last two-month statements on stocks, bonds, retirement accounts, etc. 
  • Copies of your most recent pay stubs covering previous 30 days 
  • Copies of your W-2 forms for the last two years 
  • Signed copies of your individual tax returns for the last two years (if self-employed or commissioned) 
  • Signed copies of your corporate tax returns for the last two years, including K - 1's (if self-employed) 
  • Current balance sheet and YTD profit and loss statement signed by preparer (if self-employed) 
  • Copy of fully executed Gift Letter, copy of cashier's check and proof of deposit, if applicable 
  • Letter of explanation concerning previous credit history and/or job changes 
  • Check for $375 made out to STAR Financial Bank to cover appraisal fee 
  • Prior title papers and copy of Homeowners Insurance and survey (refinances)