Online Banking Alerts

Keeping track of your account activity can be confusing at times. Did you realize when your balance was low? Or when the recent check you wrote was cashed? By setting up alerts within online banking, you can stay on top of your account activities and provide added safety and security.

There are many different types of alerts you can set up using online banking - security, history, date, account and transaction.

Security Alerts
Security-specific alerts let you set up notifications for changes to your online banking account, such as logons and logoffs, password changes and more. Receive an alert when your password is changed online, your account has been locked out or disabled, and for business online banking users, be alerted when a new user is created or deleted under your business account. Utilizing these security features and keeping them up-to-date ensures that online information is more secure.  

Security Alerts


Account Alert
An account alert is account-based and notifies you of important changes to your account, such as when your balance falls below a specific dollar amount. Account alerts are not in real-time - you must specify the criteria (amount and time of day) that will trigger the notification.

Account Alerts


Date Alert
With date alerts, online banking users can set up a notification based on a specific date and will be notified with the customer's predetermined message, such as birthday and anniversary reminders, wakeup call and more. Date alerts are triggered depending on the criteria you specify.
Date Alerts


History Alert
History alerts notify you of a specific activity that can affect your account. It can send you an alert when a check clears your account, your payroll is deposited or if an payment or debit transaction hits your account. History alerts are not in real-time - you must specify the criteria that will trigger the alert.
History Alerts


Transaction Alert

transaction alert notifies an online banking user of a specific online-originated transaction than can affect your account. For our retail banking customers, you can select to be notified if a funds transfer is authorized, a new address change has been requested or when a bill payment has been processed and sent to the company. For business online banking customers, you can receive alerts for ACH Collections or Payments, Payroll, Wire Transfers and more.

Transaction Alerts

We have developed several tools, including instructional videos, a test drive, demo and user guides, to help you become more familiar with our online banking system. If you need additional assistance setting up your alerts online, please contact a STAR Customer Service representative.