Multi Factor Authentication

Authentication. MFA protects your account from unwanted fraudulent activity. It allows you to enter your user name and password and then authenticate your computer in a few quick, easy steps. This ensures that not only is your online banking access protected with a user name and password, but that you know this information can only be used on a computer of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do I have to get a code every time I log in?

If you choose one time access, you will be prompted for a secure access code each time you attempt to log in from that computer. If you choose to authenticate a computer for future use, you will only need to request the code once and will not need to re-authenticate your computer the next time you log in.

I delete my cookies every day. Is there a way to keep from having to get a code each time I log in?

If you choose to delete the Internet cookies from a browser, you will need to request a new secure code each time a login is attempted. If you choose to delete your cookies on your active browser, it is recommend to use a dedicated browser for online banking access only, where cookies will not need to be deleted.

Can I opt out of MFA?

No. Multi Factor Authentication is intended to protect you against the never ending threat of fraud.  Security tools including MFA are mandated by the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council, FFIEC, and these tools are required to be used by all online banking customers.

Why didn't I get my code? I requested it several minutes ago.

There are situations which may cause the delayed delivery of a secure access code. If a code is requested to be sent to an e-mail address, it may be delayed by the items such as Internet connection, the Internet service provider or SPAM filters. Text messages or phone calls may be delayed by the phone service provider.

If you request multiple codes during the same log in attempt, the past codes will be invalid. Only the last requested code will be valid.

Also, secure access codes expire after three hours. If you received your code more than three hours ago, you will need to request a new secure access code and use the code within that time frame.

I received a code at work, but it won't work on my home computer. Why is that?

Secure access codes can only be used one time. If you request a secure code and use that code for your work computer, you will need to request a new code for your home computer.

If you have additional questions, please contact Customer Service.