CDs & IRAs

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9A certificate of deposit (CD) is a key part of a diversified portfolio. CDs offer a predictable return in exchange for holding your deposit for a fixed time period. Our CDs can help you save for your financial goals, whether you’re looking to set aside money for a short term of 14 days or longer terms of up to five years – or anywhere in between.

**The Annual Percentage Yield for each CD will be referred to as the APY.**

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14 Days 0.03%† $5,000 At Maturity
1 Month 0.07%* $1,000 At Maturity
3 Months 3.50%* $1,000 At Maturity
6 Months
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3.50%* $1,000 At Maturity
9 Months 3.50%* $1,000 Monthly
12 Months
3.50%* $1,000 Monthly
15 Months 3.50%* $1,000 Monthly
18 Months 3.25%* $1,000 Monthly
2 Years 2.50%* $1,000 Monthly
30 Months 2.25%* $1,000 Monthly
3 Years 2.00%* $1,000 Monthly
4 Years 1.75%* $1,000 Monthly
5 Years 1.50% $1,000 Monthly

† STAR Power requires a minimum deposit and balance of $5,000. Is not eligible for relationship pricing.

*APYs can change at any time, please contact your local branch for the most up to date rates. APY quoted requires an active STAR checking relationship.

Penalty may apply for early withdrawal. APY's are effective as of 7/10/2023.

Jumbo Insured CD (CDARs)

Take advantage of multi-million dollar FDIC insurance coverage with CDARS® (Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service). With CDARS, we divide your deposits into amounts under the FDIC's dollar limit and place them into individual CDs issued by other banks in the CDARS network. You enjoy the convenience of one bank, one rate and one statement while maximizing your FDIC insurance coverage. A STAR Money Market Account is required to fund CDARS.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)

It’s never too early to start planning your retirement. IRAs offer security and flexible investment options. We can help you choose the right IRA and provide the guidance and tools you need to get started.

Variable Rate IRA Savings
  • Interest rate is variable and may change daily
  • Deposits may be made at any time
Fixed Rate IRA CDs
  • Interest rate is established at opening and fixed for the term
  • Available terms range from 90 days to 5 years