Activating Touch

To use the STAR Touch app, you must first establish your free Touch account within STAR Online Banking.
Follow the instructions below to activate Touch for your mobile device.

NOTE: You must have STAR Online Banking with a STAR account to use Touch. Don't have a STAR Bank account? Open one now!

STEP 01 /04

Using a standard computer or laptop, log into STAR Online Banking using your current username and password. 

STEP 02 /04  

From the main menu, click Touch › Manage My Money and complete the short setup wizard. Your transactions and balances for added accounts will then automatically be synced and categorized.

STEP 03 /04

Click the Settings icon and then select Mobile Devices. Click Generate Access Code. An 8-digit code will populate. This code is only valid for 10 minutes.

STEP 04 /04  

Open the STAR Touch app on your mobile device and select Get Started. Enter the access code and click Submit.

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