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The checklist below includes examples of the documents you'll need to provide when applying for your mortgage. Depending on your unique situation, you may be asked for more or less information. Gathering any applicable items ahead of time may help to expedite the process.

Income, Asset & Employment Information

⃝ Pay stubs within the previous 30 days

⃝ Employment history for the past 2 years

⃝ A copy of your offer letter or contract (if starting a new job)

⃝ Bank or asset statements from the last 2 months

⃝ Federal W-2s (Wage and Tax Statements) from the last 2 years

⃝ Federal tax returns from the last 2 years

⃝ Signed copies of your individual tax returns for the past 2 years (if self-employed or commissioned)

⃝ Signed copies of your corporate tax returns for the past 2 years, including K-1s (if self-employed)

⃝ Current balance sheet and YTD profit and loss statement signed by preparer (if self-employed)

⃝ Social Security, pension or retirement benefit award letter (if applicable)

⃝ Stocks, bonds, retirement account, etc. statements for the last 2 months

⃝ Proof of alimony, child support or separate maintenance income (is using to qualify)

⃝ A copy of the divorce decree or separation agreement (if applicable)

Credit Information

⃝ A written explanation of any recent credit report inquiries or late payments on your credit report

⃝ Bankruptcy discharge and schedule of creditors (if applicable)

⃝ Letter of explanation concerning previous credit history and/or job changes

Property Information 
(not required for pre-approval requests)

⃝ Address and sales price of the purchase property

⃝ Property type (single-family home, condominium, townhouse, etc.)

⃝ A copy of the fully executed sales contract, including Sales Disclosures and Lead Paint Disclosures

⃝ Verification of the source of down-payment funds

⃝ Fully executed Gift Letter, cashier's check and proof of deposit (if applicable)

⃝ Your homeowners insurance policy and agent's contact information

⃝ Prior title papers and copy of survey (refinances only)