Report Fraud & Suspicious Activity

The sooner you report suspicious activity on your account, the faster STAR, other institutions and the authorities can take steps to assist you. If you become a victim of fraud, take action immediately.

If you think that you may have compromised your personal or financial information and are a possible victim of identity theft:

  • Call STAR Customer Service at 888-395-2447 immediately. Ask to have your account numbers, PINs, login IDs and passwords changed.

  • Review your financial account statements and recent transaction histories to determine suspicious activities, including STAR and other financial institution companies. 

  • Call any other financial company you deal with and make them aware of the situation.

  • Call your credit card companies and ask that access to your accounts be restricted or closed. Open new accounts if necessary.

  • If checks are missing from your checkbook, issue stop payments on each check.

  • If your driver's license is missing, contact your local Bureau of Motor Vehicles office.

  • If your Social Security card is missing, contact the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213.

  • File a report with your local police department and obtain a copy for your records.

  • File a Identity Theft Affidavit

  • In detail, document when and what happened and to whom you spoke including dates and times.
If you suspect that you've responded to a phishing scam with personal or financial information or entered this information into a fake Web site, take these steps immediately to minimize any damage. 
Instructions for Reporting a Phishing E-mail:

1. Create a new e-mail to phishing@starfinancial.com and CC: reportphishing@antiphishing.org

Click on INSERT at the top of the menu bar, then ATTACH ITEM. Select the phishing e-mail from the drop down list and then select OK. Enter information in the body of the message for contacting you. Then hit the SEND button. 

2. Do not use "forward" if you can help it, as this approach loses information and requires more manual processing. The exception is when you use the web interface to Outlook: in that case, forward is the only solution. In addition, please contact the STAR Customer Service at 1-888-395-2447.