Touch FAQs

Q. What does “PFM” stand for?  
A. Touch is STAR’s new PFM, Personal Financial Management tool, to help you budget and manage your finances.  It allows you to import all of your accounts, with STAR and with other institutions, so you can view your balances and transactions all in one place.  It is available for free through online banking.

Q. One or more of my external accounts would not import to touch. Why? 
A. There are many types of online banking accounts, and not all are compatible with common aggregation methods.  Touch utilizes multiple aggregation sources and uses an aggregation engine to provide the best possible coverage, but when an unsupported institution is encountered, a manual account can be created in the Accounts app. We recommend that you submit a support request if you have any issues with an account connection or if you would like to know if a connection is available for an institution.

Q. Can I add an account in touch that isn’t supported for automatic download?
A. Yes!  Create a Manual Account in the Accounts view, either through online banking or from your mobile STAR Bank app.  You will need to update this account manually by updating the balance and entering transactions.

Q. I added my Checking and Savings accounts from another financial institution.  Why didn’t my loans and other accounts import as well? 
A. It depends on the institution, but you will usually need to add each account separately.  This means that if you have 3 accounts with an institution, such as checking, a loan, and a credit card, you will need to enter your login credentials for that institution for each account. 

Q. I can see my loan details, like original balance and interest rate, for my STAR accounts.  Why don’t I see them on my other accounts? 
A. Not all institutions are able to send us that information.  You should always check your loan details to make sure they are correct in touch.

Q. Can I recover transactions or other data from an account I have deleted?  
A. No, so only delete an account if you’re okay with losing all history for that account.  Otherwise, exclude the account if you plan to include it later in the future or don't want to lose transaction history. Also, know that if you delete an institution, all accounts under that institution will also be deleted.

Q. I’m on an account that shows up in my touch, but I don’t want it included with my accounts and budgets.  Can I delete it? 
A. Your STAR accounts are integral to your connection with touch, and cannot be deleted.  You can, however, choose to exclude them using the Exclusions feature in the account detail view. You can also exclude individual transactions from touch within online banking by clicking on the individual transaction then on "Exclude Transaction". 

Q. How does touch categorize transactions?  
A. When transactions are imported, they are auto-categorized based on how you and other users have categorized similar transactions. Touch will begin to pick up on your preferences after you change a transaction category several times.

Q. How far back does touch save my transaction and budget history?    
A. Touch will save your history for as long as you keep your account with STAR.

Q. How far back will touch import my data from STAR and other institutions?  
A. Touch will import 90 days of transaction history from STAR.  The amount of data that will be imported from other institutions depends on the institution.

Q. Is my financial data safe in touch?  
A. Absolutely.  Industry leading encryption technology is used to protect your data.  STAR places your privacy and security as its highest priority.  The touch applications are as secure as your regular home banking.

Q. How do I get help with my account in touch? 
A. From touch within online banking, click on the question mark icon, then click Submit a support request.  From touch on a mobile device, open Settings; then click on Feedback to send an email to the touch support

Q. How do I activate touch? 
A. From within Online Banking.  Click on the “Cog” Icon.  This will take you to your touch settings.  Choose the Mobile Devices tab. Click on "Generate Access Code". Enter in the 8-digit code into the mobile app. Note that the code is valid for 10 minutes. Once you enter in your access code, you will now be able to access touch from your mobile device (iOS or Android).

Q. Are there plans to make touch available on Blackberry devices?
A. There are no current plans to develop touch for Blackberry devices at this time.