Protect your account and identity online with Trusteer Rapport.

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With cyber attacks on the rise, helping you safeguard your personal and financial information continues to be our top priority. Due to the increase and sophistication of recent cyber attacks, anti-virus software and firewalls might not be doing enough to protect you. In fact, antivirus software detects only about 25% of the most popular malware currently being emailed to people. Trusteer Rapport stops all financial malware to protect you and your account from any fraudulent activity. 

Trusteer1You don't have enough online security, but you should.
Malware and phishing allow cyber criminals to access your computer, corporate account numbers, and business information. It can take days or weeks to be detected but by then, it's too late.

Trusteer _2Trusteer Rapport works hard to protect you.
Working alongside your current security software, it increases your protection and decreases your susceptibility to criminal behavior, protecting you and your business from threats your anti-virus cannot. Trusteer Rapport verifies that you're connected to the bank's actual website and creates a secure line of communication.

Trusteer3Easy to use and won't slow you down. Trusteer Rapport takes just minutes to download and install. It runs in the background so your computer tasks continue completely uninterrupted. Once installed, a small Trusteer Rapport icon will appear next to your browser's address bar, changing color to let you know when it's working.

STAR Bank commercial cash management customers are required to use Trusteer Rapport to access online banking. Rapport is very easy to download and use. For technical support downloading the software, please visit trusteer.com/support.


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