Video Banking

Customer Using Video Banking Machine

Get extended hours and personalized service at our drive-up.

With STAR Video Banking, you’ll be able to bank at the branch when it's most convenient for you. While it may look like an ATM, a STAR Drive-Up Video Banker offers much more — with a personal touch.

Access a wide range of banking services typically handled inside the branch. Simply tap the screen and speak to a STAR Banker via real-time video who can answer questions and assist you with more complex transactions.

  • Enjoy extended banking hours: Monday - Saturday 7 AM - 7 PM
  • Cash checks to the penny
  • Withdraw funds in specific denominations
  • Make deposits - both cash and check
  • Make a loan payment

Man depositing check at video banking machineWhat is STAR Video Banking?

Drive-Up Video Banking looks like an ATM but has one important difference: you can have a real time, face-to-face conversation with a STAR Banker at the machine. STAR Video Bankers can guide you through every step of your transaction and answer questions about your accounts.

How do I communicate on Drive-Up Video Banking?

The Drive-Up Video Banker uses two-way video that will allow you to see the banker while allowing the banker to see you. Using video cameras with built-in speakers, you can privately communicate with your banker while conducting your transactions. 

Are my transactions secure?

When speaking with a STAR Video Banker, your transaction is as secure as if you were making a face-to-face transaction. It is processed in exactly the same manner. For security purposes, transactions are recorded and questions may be asked to verify your identity.

What can I do on Drive-Up Video Banking?

Almost every transaction you can do with a face-to-face teller can be done on Drive-Up Video Banking. You can make deposits, withdrawals, transfers, loan payments, cash checks, and more! There are no envelopes or forms to fill out. Please note that our machines cannot accept coins.

What happens when I cash a check or make a deposit at Drive-Up Video Banking?

Depositing cash or cashing a check at Drive-Up Video Banking is as easy as doing it with a banker inside our branch office. There are no envelopes needed, you insert the check or cash directly into the deposit slot. For cash, the machine reads and counts each bill and displays the deposit amount on screen for verification. When depositing or cashing a check, an image of your check will appear on screen. You tell the banker what you would like to do next…deposit, receive cash back, make a payment, etc. Everything is displayed on screen to ensure accuracy.

Will my account be updated in real-time when I use Drive-Up Video Banking?

Yes, your account will update just as it would at a traditional drive-up. If you are unsure about the availability of your funds, just ask your STAR Banker during the transaction.