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STAR Bank is an Indiana-based community bank known for delivering quality service, personalized banking solutions and an innovative use of technology. Now, it will be even easier to access personal and business banking, private advisory, wealth management and other financial resources that have strengthened our brand for more than 77 years.

A Partnership for the Future: STAR Bank at Zionsville Community High School

This one-of-a-kind branch provides Zionsville Community High School (ZCHS) students opportunities to work alongside STAR banking and finance professionals. Students will work side-by-side in an immersive learning center with bankers during school hours in the fully-functioning financial center.

STAR Bank’s staff will oversee all banking operations and work with Zionsville Community Schools to develop on-going curriculum, work-study, internships and other facilitated learning opportunities. The STAR Bank Learning Zone provides innovative financial literacy courses, both online and through video conferencing methods.

Financial Literacy and Resources

As a part of our partnership, we are providing access to financial literacy tools that can be used in conjunction with current lesson plans or as stand-alone resources to guide students through finance and banking concepts. Teachers can track progress through lessons and use videos in-class or allow students to watch them at their own pace. Students may use their current pay stubs to create budgets to guide spending decisions or plan for upcoming expenses. The financial tool also provides interactive lessons on the responsible use of credit, interest and fees, and planning for significant expenses like automobiles and home mortgages.

ABA Fin Ed

ABA Consumer Resources


FDIC Money Smart

Junior Achievement

zionsville community high school teller machine

What's so special about this Interactive Teller Machine (ITM)? We're glad you asked

Graphic design students at ZCHS developed co-branded wraps for the ITM that were voted on by the STAR team to select a winning design. Congratulations Abbey Price (Class of 2020) for designing the winning wrap! This is the first ITM to incorporates visual elements from the community where it is located. Thank you to all the ZCHS students who submitted artwork.

Try video banking at the ITM to speak with a STAR banker from your car. Our ITM has extended banking hours 7 AM to 7 PM, Monday-Saturday.

This week we will open our first bank within a high school! The STAR Bank Performing Arts Center was only the beginning of our innovative partnership with Zionsville Community Schools.

Posted by STAR Financial Bank on Tuesday, August 25, 2020