Current Fees

Effective April 1, 2024

Item Fee
Account Closing Fee (less than 180 days) $25.00
ATM/Debit Card Overnight
ATM/Debit Card Replacement
ATM Service Charge¹
ATM Service Charge International¹
Cashier's Check
Charged Off Account
Check Cashing Charge (non-customer)
Collection Fee (correspondent fees may be additional)
Counter Checks
$1.00/check from teller
$5.00/package of 10 encoded
Dormant Account Fee

Foreign Check Processing
Foreign Draft
HSA Transfer Fee
Legal Processing
MMSA/PLF account excess withdrawals
  • over 6 per month
(excludes ATM and in-person withdrawals)
Night Deposit Fees
  • Additional Key
  • Lock Bag
  • Zipper Bag
Notary Service
Overdraft Protection Transfer
Paid Overdraft Fee²
(Max 6 [$222.00/day] for retail customers)
(unlimited for commercial customers)
Paper Statement Fee
Payoff Quote (Written)
Research Time
Return Item Fee²
(Max 6 [$222.00/day] for retail customers)
(unlimited for commercial customers)
Returned Statement
Savings Account Withdrawals in excess of 6 per month
Stop Payment (single item or range)
Telephone Transfer
Wire Transfer³
  • Outgoing Domestic
  • Incoming Domestic
  • Outgoing International
(Correspondent fees additional)

¹This fee applies to non-STAR ATM transactions and balance inquiry. 
²This fee applies to overdrafts or returns created by check, ACH, in-person withdrawals or recurring debit card transactions. Fee will apply to ATM withdrawal and non-recurring debit card transaction if opted in to overdraft coverage. 
³Non-customer fee additional $10.00 minimum