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We are committed to keeping your personal and financial information safe and secure.

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Report Suspicious Activity

At STAR, we take the security of your personal information seriously. Whether you bank online, by phone or mail, or stop in to visit us, your banking experience and the security of your financial and personal information is very important to us. 

Helping you safeguard your information at home is also one of our top priorities. As part of our commitment to the community, we want to provide you with resources and information so you can better protect yourself from financial fraud.


We have been made aware of STAR customers receiving fraudulent phone calls from people impersonating STAR Bank employees. If you receive a suspicious phone call from someone claiming to be a STAR employee, obtain their name and then hang up and call our Customer Solutions at 800-395-STAR (7827) and verify the person is a legitimate STAR employee and ask to be transferred.

How does STAR protect you?

Enforcing Security
Managing employee conduct: 

STAR’s Security Policy expresses our commitment to integrity, core values and ethical standards and the conduct we expect from all our employees. The Security Policy includes specific guidelines about how to safeguard confidential and sensitive information. If it is determined that an employee has violated the Security Policy, we’ll take corrective action, up to and including termination of employment.

Verifying practices: 

We periodically review our operations and business practices to make sure they comply with the corporate policies and procedures to protect confidential information. During these self-assessments and examinations, we review the controls and safeguards related to information and facility security.

Customer Concerns: 

Please contact us if you believe we have not complied with our Privacy Notice concerning how we use the personally identifiable information we collect online, or if you believe we’ve provided you with inaccurate information.

Enforcing Safe Online Practices

STAR is serious about safeguarding your personal information online. We employ standard security practices to protect your information. 

  • Strong passwords are required for use of our online banking system.
  • Multifactor authentication (MFA) is used to protect access to your online banking accounts. We recommend using SMS or a soft token as your MFA option. 
  • Strong encryption is leveraged throughout our digital services to protect confidential information.
  • We monitor activity within our systems to detect fraud or account compromise.

Communications from STAR
STAR communicates with customers through multiple channels:

STAR may send email communications directly from employees or via system generated emails. Confidential information will only be requested via the secure email system. Most STAR email will originate from the “” domain but some system-generated emails may originate from other domains. If you are ever unsure whether an email purporting to be from STAR is legitimate contact our customer solutions team. 

Message Center 
STAR may use the message center within your online banking experience to securely communicate with you.  You can also use this system to securely communicate with a banker. 

Social Media 
STAR may communicate directly with you via our social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) but will never use these channels to solicit or share any confidential information. Given the confidential nature of banking, STAR does not offer support or conduct business via social media. Please visit or login to online baking to connect with a banker or contact Customer Solutions. Never post confidential information on STAR’s social media pages or in messages to STAR’s social media accounts.

STAR will never ask you for your password or MFA passcode.


Linking to Third Party Sites

STAR Financial Bank is not responsible for the online security practices of third-party sites (companies we link to from our website) online security practices. In most cases, we provide links to non-STAR websites to help you find more information about topics that may be of interest to you. Third party web sites may be governed by different privacy policies and/or security standards. In the event the link we provide does navigate away from, you will receive a message alerting you that you are leaving the STAR site.

Sending Emails to STAR
When you send an email to us directly from your inbox, it may not be secure. Therefore, we ask that you do not send us confidential information, such as Social Security numbers or account numbers through unsecured email. Contact your banker over email first and they can use our Secure Email system to allow you to securely send your information. You can also use the message center within the online banking system, US Postal Service, or visit one of our branches.
Submitting Online Forms

When you submit information using the various forms found on the website, your information is sent securely to members of STAR Bank for review and/or to respond. If your submission contains sensitive information, such as an account number or Social Security number, we will respond to you using ourSecure Email.