Report Fraud & Suspicious Activity

The sooner you report suspicious activity on your account, the faster STAR, other institutions and the authorities can take steps to assist you. If you become a victim of fraud, take action immediately.

If you think that you may have compromised your personal or financial information and are a possible victim of identity theft:

  • Contact our Customer Solutions team immediately. Ask to have your account numbers, PINs, login IDs and passwords changed.
  • Review your financial account statements and recent transaction histories to determine suspicious activities, including STAR and other financial companies. 
  • Call any other financial company you deal with and make them aware of the situation.
  • Call your credit card companies and ask that access to your accounts be restricted or closed. Open new accounts if necessary.
  • If checks are missing from your check book, issue stop payments on each check.
  • If your driver's license is missing, contact your local Bureau of Motor Vehicles office.
  • If your Social Security card is missing, contact the Social Security Administration at (800) 772-1213.
  • File a report with your local police department and obtain a copy for your records.
  • File an Identity Theft Affidavit . This is a voluntary form for filing a report with law enforcement, and disputes with credit reporting agencies and creditors about theft-related problems.
  • In detail, document when and what happened and to whom you spoke including dates and times.

If you have received or responded to a phishing scam follow these steps to minimize potential damage. 

  • If you provided any information in reply to the scam, immediately change any usernames and passwords, and contact any financial institutions if you provided your banking information. 
  • If you believe your services our accounts with STAR are affected, contact our Customer Solutions team immediately. 
  • If the phishing email was presented as if it was from STAR please forward the email to so we can investigate the source and try to prevent further attempts. 


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