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Welcome to our newly revamped website.

Equipped with improved navigation, a better mobile experience and many other perks!


Simplified navigation 

STAR offers a vast amount of services. Who has time to work through a complicated menu? We wanted you to find what you need quickly so you can move on to the things you want to do. Our simplified navigational menu helps with that. The products, services and resources you need are easier to find through a restructured navigation. 

Mobile responsiveness

We know our customers are unique in how they bank, live, work and play. Also, in how they search the web. Our retooled site was designed with responsiveness in mind so no matter how you reach us (desktop, laptop, tablet, phone or whatever is next on the horizon,) you get a clean, fast, beautiful and effective platform. Clean lines, impactful images, engaging videos and a modernized layout create an appealing aesthetic the moment you enter the site, from wherever you choose. 
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Account Finder tool

Not sure what account is right for you? No problem. STAR has designed accounts that meet all of our customer’s needs. Find that one that works best for your finances.  

Calculate away

This is where dreamers dream up a plan to get from where they are, to where they want to be. Our calculators are an interactive and fun way to learn how to best save for retirement, that beautiful new car, your first house and so much more. Come, play and plan. 
desktop security sceen


At STAR, we take the security of your personal information seriously. Whether you bank online, by phone or mail, or stop in to visit us, your banking experience and the security of your financial and personal information is very important to us. Helping you safeguard your information at home is also one of our top priorities. As part of our commitment to the community, we want to provide you with resources and information so you can better protect yourself from financial fraud. Check out our Security & Fraud Page!